September 11th Organizations/WTC Memorial The world's authoritative site for information on the World Trade Center memorial competition and the world's largest archive of memorial competition submissions. An organization that shares ideas, artwork and designs for a permanent World Trade Center memorial to recognize all three terrorist locations: WTC, Pentagon, Shanksvillie, PA. Website shares information with the public toward the goal of constructing a memorial near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, crash site of United Flight 93. An advocacy group comprised of family members of those killed at the WTC, Pentagon and on the four hijacked airplanes. The organization provides a voice for family members and concerned citizens on relevant issues, from the permanent memorial to legal and financial matters. A non-profit organization with the goals of promoting the interests of the victims' families and supporting public policies to prevent terrorism. The organization gives voice to World Trade Center victims and families about conditions, policies and decisions impacting the recovery, financial assistance and memory of loved ones. The organization is addressing issues relating to the redevelopment and memorialization of the September 11th attack sites. A nonprofit group which serves as a support and information resource, providing psychological comfort and emotional respite to the families of the Sept. 11 attacks' victims and survivors. Message and support website for the widows and families of firefighters, police and EMS rescue workers. 9-11 Widows' and Victims' Families Association was organized to insure the dignified recovery of loved ones and to address other issues related to September 11th. A non-profit public charity created to address the issues of children experiencing family trauma including the September 11th attacks. The foundation is named in memory of Todd Beamer, one of the heroes of United Flight 93. Site for the families of those lost at the Pentagon, including those who were on American Airlines Flight 77. A non-profit organization helping families and individuals create meaningful life-story tributes. A current database of victims. A flag in memory of September 11th, available in standard size, as a handheld flag or as a decal. Sale proceeds go to the 9/11 relief efforts. A memorial by an Australian, Chris von Deutschburg, the website provides information about the attacks and links to WTC memorial designs other WTC-related issues.

Proposals for WTC Memorial and World Trade Center Site New York Magazine's postings of ideas for rebuilding the WTC site. Click on this link to view the Endurance Memorial proposal. Feel free to add a comment. Another memorial design proposal for the World Trade Center. Six concept plans for WTC site issued in July 2002. Gotham Gazette's web pages devoted to memorializing the terrorists attacks.

Rebuilding WTC Site, Lower Manhattan Lower Manhattan Development Corporation was created in the aftermath of September 11th by Governor Pataki and then-Mayor Giuliani to help plan and coordinate the rebuilding and revitalization of Lower Manhattan. The Municipal Art Society has gathered a network of civic and community organizations and other concerned citizens, to provide a vision for renewing the WTC site and lower Manhattan. The coalition has produced a document entitled "Imagine New York" and is now working to implement the report's recommendations. The Regional Plan Association has convened The Civic Alliance to Rebuild Downtown New York to develop strategies for the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan in the aftermath of the September 11 attack. The Civic Alliance is a coalition of more than 75 business, community and environmental groups representing a cross-section of metropolitan New York. "DowntownNYC" is website managed by the nonprofit Project for Public Spaces (PPS) in collaboration with the Civic Alliance to Rebuild Downtown New York, which serves as a free-forum for gathering ideas about the redevelopment of lower Manhattan. New York New Visions: a coalition of 20 architecture, planning, and design organizations, representing over 30,000 individuals, which has pooled the collective resources and technical expertise of over 350 professionals and civic group leaders in a pro-bono effort to address the issues surrounding the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan. The NYC Rebuild Task Force is a coalition of designers, engineers, city-planners, etc. which was brought together to provide professional advice on the rebuilding process and advocate a vision for the revitalization of lower Manhattan. A comprehensive website that posts links to articles and other websites on a wide variety of topics related to the terrorist attacks. Topic examples include "Filling the Void, What Happens to the Site," "Six Plans for Ground Zero," and "Analysis of Collapse."

Galleries & Artists Stevens Jay Carter, Washington, DC artist extraordinaire and co-founder of Project BRASAS, an alternative arts organization that sponsors art exhibitions, lectures and performances. A primary source on the web listing galleries around metropolitan Washington, DC. The website also ranks DC area galleries and artists. Nonprofit gallery showcasing local avant-garde and experimental art, along with exciting work by national and international artists. The gallery exhibits Stuart Gosswein's work. Gallery represents local (Washington DC area), national and internationally-exhibited artists. The gallery also auctions work through The gallery exhibits Stuart Gosswein's work.

Endurance Memorial Collaborators Michael Berman, Berman Studios. Endurance Memorial collaborator and consultant. An artist who is equally comfortable with figurative and abstract compositions, his paintings always contain passion and expressive colors. Co-founder, Project BRASAS and the Downtown Artists Coalition, an organization that seeks to preserve artist's studios in Washington, DC. Deirdre Cohalan, Thundersites. Endurance Memorial website designer and creator of virtual tour flash movie. Deirdre is a independant graphic designer based in Washington, DC.


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